Castings –

Ferrous Castings –

S.G. Iron Castings – all grades including the Low Temperature Impact castings, PED certified castings

Gray Iron Castings – all grades, PED certified castings

ADI Castings

Non Ferrous Castings

Aluminum Base

Cooper base

Manufacturing Process – Investment castings, Green Sand, Shell Sand, No-Bake, Centrifugal, PDC, GED, LPDC & HPDC


Forgings –

Ferrous Forging

Non Ferrous Forgings of Aluminum

Manufacturing Process – Open Die, Close Die


Precision Machining Components –

Manufacturing Process – CNC, VMC , Honing , Grinding, Jig Boring , 4 Axis , 5 Axis Etc.


Mould , Gauges & Tooling –

Pattern for Castings

Forging Dies

All kinds of Castings Dies for Machines

Inspection Gauges

Inspection Fixtures

Machining Fixtures